TICKETS ON SALE: The Engagement- Rialto Theatre March 27th-28th, 8:30 pm

Hello everyone!

So I’m just checking in to bring you quite a big update: My first ever stage play is coming to the Rialto Theatre in Brighton on March 27th and 28th!

Directed by Thomas Everchild as part of the Hove Grown festival, this play is based on a true story from Wayne Liversidge, who plays himself as a narrator.

Eden Avital Alexander plays Gerri, a love child caught between the dream of a bright future and the nightmare of a dark present.

Owen Bleach portrays John, a young man blinded by unquestioning love for Gerri and desperate to solve her mystery.

Faith Elizabeth also stars as Luanne, a professional dedicated to help others but unable to reach her own stepsister.

Featuring musical tracks from Christina Thom‘s EP ‘Trade’.

This production contains strong language and adult themes.

Tickets are on sale NOW, at £12 standard admission and £9 concession.


When the play received a performance reading by Sussex Playwrights in January this year reviewer Dr Simon Jenner said…

‘ … breathtakingly vivid and compellingly believable …. a staged version of this play … will prove one of the absolute highlights of 2018’s Hove Grown … ‘28424382_167536774051913_9221605933146058009_o