‘The Engagement’, 26th-30th November, Bread & Roses Theatre: A recap

Hello all!

On Saturday, the second stage run of The Engagement came to an end. Running for five nights, I am delighted to report that it has received very pleasant reviews. Here are some of the things people have said about yours truly:

“Allen is not afraid to lean into the darkness behind the story, but despite the bleak subject matter has succeeded in creating an engaging play.”

“Allen has tapped into a true story unseen like this before, but perhaps known by many. This is urgent, provocative work, and no doubt will be returning to the stage.”

I’ve got to be honest. I would not be getting this kind words if the cast hadn’t done such a marvellous job.

Lene Kqiku, Johnny Parr and Velenzia Spearpoint gave powerful performances and really did the script justice.

And of course, special thanks to our director, Laura Dorn, who managed to make a stage play with constant scene changes and time skips work!

You can read all the reviews below. And if you have a chance, do check out the wonderful track from Zwah, used in the soundtrack for the play.

Onwards and upwards!!

The Engagement at the Bread and Roses


Me and Wayne Liversidge, who’s true story this play was based on.