Reviews for ‘The Engagement’ 27th-28th March 2018, Rialto Theatre

Hello all!

It’s a little late coming, but I would like to thank everyone who took part in the production of ‘The Engagement’, my debut stage play. Faith, Owen and Eden absolutely knocked it out of the park, Thomas, the director, made brilliant use of the venue and our producers gave it a truly professional edge which really shone through. Sales were double my expectations and both nights our cast got the audience they deserved.

We’ve had a couple of reviews, one from Simon Jenner (Fringe Review), who also reviewed our first reading, and Roz Scott (Fringe Guru). Respectively they gave the show ‘Must See’ status and a four star rating. These are some highlights I wanted to share with people:

The Engagement is a love story with a difference. It’s a new play written by James Alexander Allen, inspired by a true story from Wayne Liversidge. Allen, an emerging screen writer and playwright, collaborated with Liversidge to tell his story as part of the Hove Grown Festival. (….) 

I recommend The Engagement as a debut play which has great potential, and was very popular with the audience. As Allen’s first play for theatre, it certainly provides food for thought, and could be developed into a longer piece allowing for more character development at the start. I’ll look out for his future work.

Allen should be applauded for tackling issues often taboo in polite society, and Wayne Liversidge also deserves respect for his courage in telling his story. True stories are often the most compelling.”

 -Roz Scott- Fringe Guru

“It’s back. James Alexander Allen whose experience lies in screenwriting, has turned a true story by actor Wayne Liversidge into a haunting three-hander of delirious love turned dipsy nightmare and plunging somewhere darker than drink could imagine. (….)

This is a true story, and heart-breaking enough. There’s a gritty cautionary note sounded too, but most of all this is about love against unimaginable odds.


Allen’s new version presented for Hove Grown is a fine script: idiomatic, even swifter, keenly observant in its naturalism. Which makes it all the more shocking. It proves one of the absolute highlights of 2018’s Hove Grown Play Festival.”-

Simon Jenner- Fringe Review

Many thanks to both for their kind words. The full reviews can be found below, albeit with spoilers. I feel it is safe to say that ‘The Engagement’ will return at some stage.

I have cautious hope to be back with more news soon.


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