A Brief Update on JamesWorld

Hello everyone!

I realise it’s been a while so a quick update on where things are in JamesWorld:

About a month ago I finished work on a short film called A Medium Chance, which I’ve also directed. This is going to be screened at the Caroline of Brunswick on August 26th, and again at a date to be decided.

Looking further ahead, stay tuned for The Other 1%, a podcast of audio dramas from the Tablet Book Company coming to iTunes, Spotify or Sticher. These audio dramas tell stories of paranormal incidences that just might be true. And I just might have written one of them to be recorded in September. The episode in question is called A Night in Balcombe Tunnel, and should be available for you to hear, and quake in terror, around new year.

Finally, I have just recently started work on a sequel to Alexander Lines’s 2016 short film The Private Investigator, which recently screened at Luna Beach Cinema on Brighton beach. The first draft (tentatively titled Edge of Insanity) has gone down very well, and I’m just in the rewriting process at the moment. I can’t give you much on the timescale of this one, as we kind of want to take our time to make it the best it can be, but again it’s safe to say stay tuned for the end of the year.

I imagine I shall be back in September to recap on the London Screenwriter’s Festival, which I shall be going to once again. Until next time, everyone!

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